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In 2012 Nelson started working in the digital media space and has remained in that space to date. He is a self-taught website and graphics designer that hates coding! He listens to soft rock music and good worship songs. These days Nelson could be found writing digital media strategy for one organisation or the other, he also loves learning new skills and mastering new trends in the digital media space. If you don't find him working or learning he is having a good time with his family.

My services at a glance


Coaching & Consulting

Take my one on one training and consultancy services designed to deliver results

Content Marketing

Content is king! No matter your niche you need to carefully design your text, graphics and video content to fit your target audience.

Web development

Enroll and learn WordPress, build any website without coding. You can start dominating the marketplace and start making Full-time income from home!

Digital media

No Skill or Knowledge? No Problem, I will make you a super sourced after digital media practitioner. knowledgeable and skillful.

Facebook advertisement

Learn within just 3 days how to run Facebook ads like a pro. No fluffy around! straight to the point. Hands-on training.


Creating a results driven experience

Let me help you get more traction from your online presence

Web development

No business can thrive without a strong online presence. Get it right from the get-go with custom made web platforms, tailored to suit your niche and target audience.

Strategy & Planning

I'll look at where you are right now, and where you need to be. Based on the findings, I’ll build a plan and strategy of action detailing exactly how I can help you reach your goals online.

Social Media

Providing effective organic and paid social media campaigns specifically designed to deliver. Focused to create more awareness and buzz around your campaign.

Sales promotion

We will work together with the aim of increasing customer demand and stimulating sales for your venture. Sales promotions in a way compel potential customers to consider doing business with you and your company if done well.

Content management

I'll help you develop and manage content forms across all your web platforms.

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I'll look at where you are right now, and where you need to be. Based on the findings, I’ll build a plan of action detailing exactly how I can help you reach your goals online.

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