What is the relationship between photography and social media you may ask? Smart phones and other handheld devices has impacted a lot on photography.Firstly, Photographers in my opinion are the ones who have benefited the most from social media platforms, especially Instagram.
Secondly, the proliferation of smartphones as many thought some years back would lead to the demise of photography has been proven wrong, if nothing else, it has rather reinforced the need for professional photographers.

People want to be captured at their events and ceremonies with a professional,,, high resolution camera not smart phones lenses, that is not to say these smart phones do not do an excellent job, if properly put to use, like finding setting. I have seen breathing taking images captured with a smartphone! I my opinion photography and social media are peas in the same pod. The truth is, People are constantly obsessed with uploading their captured “moments” on social media and photographers seemingly make this easy and possible.
Photographers themselves heavily now market, display and publicise their work on social media platforms, especially on Instagram for FREE!
An article I read on socialmedia today.com succinctly captures this.
“Successful photographers always have to market themselves well, so they should really appreciate social media as a cost effective platform to do so”
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