Inbound marketing is a marketing approach that simply involves providing and publishing relevant contents about particular product, services or brand and distributing it through various platforms.


The Inbound marketing strategy is all about providing remarkable content to people whether they are visitors, leads, or existing customers.
However, Marketers in Nigeria are generally lazy in adopting inbound marketing approach.
We still heavily rely on outbound marketing in campaigns. We seldom use inbound marketing. We rely on directs ads and emails. From observation very few marketers do Inbound marketing right in Nigeria.

Truthfully, It is quite a herculean task, because it requires a lot of writing and often giving out freebies through contests and sweepstakes designed to win leads and ultimately convert them to customers. To do this, one may require to write a whitepaper, ebook or even research reports that people can download after filling a form.

Inbound marketing is a win-win approach for both the customers and the marketers, the prospective customers gain knowledge and information of their interest while the marketers have a window to convert leads to customers .

What I see online, is marketers flooding the social media platforms with direct sales campaign everywhere, ignoring the opportunities inbound marketing strategy provides.
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