Community Engagement

On a regular basis, the world is inundated with diverse technological inventions both in hard and software shipped to different markets around the globe. For Nigeria to effectively reap from globalization in the region there must be a robust framework that will improve on its technological know-how, with an ICT policy framework that will capture  and tenaciously implement the following:
•    E-Government covering administrative and service delivery
•    Community access development in E-learning (education) and other sectors, like telemedicine (health), and agriculture
•    ICT enabled the Private sector
•    Policy, regulatory framework
•    Building Human capacity in ICT for development
•    Capacity building in ICTs education and training infrastructure of the higher education system
•    Establishment of National ICTs centre and network support technical system
•      establish a distance-learning program in ICTs
•    ICTs curriculum development for use at the middle and higher-level education and training.
•    Establishing its own silicon valley, that will encourage capacity in ICTs for national growth and regional dominance.

The Reality

The present reality is that interdependency in trade and finance between countries will translate to national prosperity if given the right policy framework and common responsibility.{focus_keyword} Community Engagement 21922ed