With the Samsung Galaxy Fold already launched in Korea and slated to launch across several countried from September 18, it looks like Huawei has every intention to dtep up their game as well. According to CEO Richard Yu, Huawei may actually start selling the Huawei Mate X Foldable as soon as next month in October.

Initially it was reported that the Mate X would not be available until at least November, but it looks like Yu is keen to compete with Samsung and if he had his way it would go on sale in October. In fact, the CEO shared he wanted the foldable smartphone to be on sale already, but due to the rollout of 5G and the need to give developers time toadapt their apps to the new screen sizes, it will still take some time.

Yu also shared that, “The manufacturing production of this phone is not only very expensive but has some challenges for volume and mass production.” Yu also said that the Mate X may even incorporate its new Kirin 990 chip, which is now commercially available.

Unlike the Fold which opens like a book to reveal a bendsble screen on the inside, the Mate X has its  screen curved around the exterior. Which means you can open it up when you want to fold out the full tablet-sized display, instead of every single time you use it.

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