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Technology enthusiasts in Abuja to enjoy radio show on WE FM 106.3


Technology enthusiasts in Abuja to enjoy radio show on WE FM 106.3

Technology enthusiasts in Abuja and its environs are expected to stay glued to their radio sets every weekend as the tech show debuts on WE FM 106.3 Abuja in the first half of 2020.

The radio programme will be dedicated solely to issues surrounding technology and social media trends in Nigeria. The tech show is expected to go on air sometimes in January, 2020.

The show which will be hosted by Nelson Asoh, is designed to simplify technology by breaking it to bits and pieces and to keep the listeners informed about the latest apps, gadgets, software, tech news and hot trending topics on social media in Nigeria and across the world.


According to Nelson, “many people in Nigeria do not really appreciate the importance of Information and Communication Technologies in their day to day activities and the role respective MDAs (Ministries, Departments and Agencies) play towards the growth of the sector and steps been taking by MDAs to provide enabling environment for tech-related coys to thrive in the country. We will bring in only the experts from the public and private divide to discuss technology-related matters in simple-clear terms for a layman to understand.

We want to be able to use the show to educate the public on the activities of the respective ICT related government agencies such as NITDA, NOTAP, NCC, etc and in turn, get these agencies to reach out to the public on any important government policies.

The tech show will proffer solutions to tech-related issues, serves a platform for startups and hubs in Abuja to discuss their projects. We will ultimately educate listeners beyond just the know-how to use but literally “show them” how to create a tech product”.

The main objective of the tech show is primarily to demystify and unlock the world of ICT through radio broadcasts.


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