Like in every platform of communication, communication on social media has its own peculiar nuances and guidelines for it to be regarded as successful. Digital Marketers, social media enthusiasts/strategists and all those who do social media for the sake of it have to understand that it can’t be done carelessly, if you want to get desired result.

Real people “live” and “exist” on any social media platform, with this in mind, you must be deliberate with your updates and posts because communicating via social media is entirely different from face to face communication. Communicating face to face is stressful, but communicating via social media removes all the body language and facial cues we usually have to deal with in order to decode message passed from the other party in a face to face communication.

However, People on social media are much more casual because they do not have to be attentive to each others’ signals.
According Buffer Social “The likes, comments and posts we share on social media can often seem inconsequential, but they matter. They tap into some of the very elements that make us human, our addictions, desires, anxieties and joys.”
As a marketer once you understand the psychology of social media, you can bring your customer closer, remain loyal and establish a relationship with them with your post on social media, just be guided!

Social media also removes the emotions and facial cues involved in face to face communication. People on social media just “chat or post” on social media without giving up their emotions. The emoticons embedded on social media does not really translate the real feeling of users. Emoticons are deceptive and remain what they are “icons”

On social media, we have the leisure to edit, re-edit and refine our posts. What psychologists call self-presentation: basically mean, positioning yourself the way you want to be seen. This to a large extent will enable marketers and individuals to properly sieve and only pass the real message.

Ask yourself and your team intently, what is the aim and objective of this post? will what you are about to post get the needed engagement? how do you need to post, with accompanying image or just text, what creative suits the post, video or banner? When is the best time to post? Until you are able to clearly determine what you set out to achieve, hold on don’t hit the send/post button just yet.

Learn to post right!
Ultimately, have this at the back of your mind before you hit the post or send button on any social media platform.
Will this post generate more Likes, followers, comments and shares. In a nutshell, Think about any post before you post it or share it!!.



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